15 Dec 2019

Author: sagarduwal


Saving trained model 

In most cases, for training the model with the dataset we have is very time consuming and also processing hungry job which is costly task. To test in our development environment we have to do is test the trained model or use the trained model…


Simple Neural Network for absolute beginners 

This is my first post regarding artificial intelligence (AI). But I promise to include as much as I can from understanding Simple Neural Network (NN) to deep learning through little theoretical but lots of practical implementations. I will also include simple projects where possible. Lets begin…


Bloom filter – Python 

A Bloom Filter is a space-efficient probablistic data structure, to test whether an element is a member of a set. This algorithm for data representation ensures the element is in the dataset or not. This may have false positive matches but not false negative result….


Singleton Design Pattern 

Singleton pattern restricts the instantiation of a class and ensures that only one instance of the class exists. public class Singleton { private static Singleton instance; private Singleton() {} public static Singleton getInstance() { if (instance == null) { instance = new Singleton(); } return…


Writing Chatbot? 

Ok this is a very interesting and hot topic right now. I personally have been so in love with this trend. I have developed a simple  Bot in my college using AIML technology. The similiar is being used in most of the bot right now…


Database programming (SQLite) 

Beginning with SQLAlchemy Python Ok I have been doing Python for a while now and Python is amazing. So thought of writing a blog about it in my new blog. Leaving the chitchat. We will be performing database operations (CRUD ) in SQLite database. This…